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Power Button Flashlight - fastest access to flashlight on Android

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The only app that gives you the fastest access to flashlight on Android – just triple press the Power button of the device!

Power Button Flashlight App Makes Using LED As Light A Lot Easier, No Root Required

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Here’s the only flashlight app you will ever need

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This flashlight app uses your phone’s power button as trigger

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Turn On Your Android’s Flashlight Using the Power Button

電源ボタンを3回押せばライトが点灯 液晶に触る必要なし – Power Button Flashlight review by AppLiv

Just press Power button 3 times for Flashlight

No need to unlock or even look at the phone. Feels just like real flashlight!



Absolutely great! Works for me much better than the various Xposed modules, mainly by three times pressing the power button as a “switch”. One can be “everywhere” switch on and off (also Lockscreen) the flashlight, so the smartphone is finally up and running quickly as a “normal” flashlight.

Ansas Meyer

LOVE this app! It’s so handy to be able to turn the flashlight on and off with one hand, and without ever looking at the screen and messing up your night vision. Totally worth the money. Just buy it, you won’t regret it.

Glen Pipkins

Excellent application! Just upgraded my phone and now this app works excellent! I even paid to go pro, I figured I could afford a $1, and it gives me the ability to turn it off through the power button.

Jonathan Nelson

Coole app Vollversion ist die beste sache in sie ich je 99 c investiert habe! Ich lege euch ans Herzen diese APP zu installieren und die Entwickler zu unterstützen und die Vollversion zu kaufen.

Luke Chriswalker

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