Play Lock – Battery Saver for Games

Play Lock : Turn screen Off while your game is running and save battery for real!

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Play Lock – Battery Saver for GamesGoogle Play4.7

Turn screen Off while your game is running and save battery for real!
PocketLock for Ragnarok! PocketLock for Pokemon GO!

Pokemon GO, Ragnarok M Eternal Love, other RPG or Augmented Reality games consume a lot of battery.
– So how to save battery and play longer?
– Just turn the screen off while game is running in background.
Play Lock turns screen Off when phone is in pocket, but keeps Pokemon GO alive and hatching eggs / detecting pokemons, and Ragnarok M keep auto-farming / Auto ROM and save battery and level up fast.
Save battery by turning screen off in YouTube or other video apps – you can listen to your favorite playlist while phone’s screen is Off and safely locked in your pocket.

So why turning Screen Off is better than built-in battery savers?

Yes, turning screen off saves at least twice more than just showing black screen, and that is valid even on AMOLED screen devices. That statement is backed by science – let’s see how:
Non-AMOLED devices when displaying black color on screen still use backlight, so even though there is some battery saved, this is not as significant as on AMOLED phones. AMOLED devices do not use backlight, so the pixels in theory are turned off.
– So what is the difference between screen turned off and just black screen on AMOLED phones?
The thing is that even though the screen pixels are turned off with black screen, the screen itself is still on, so the display driver is still active and ready to send and receive signals from the SoC to the thin-film transistors on screen. Sounds complicated? Read below!
– It was measured by XDA-Developers that the difference between total black screen and screen turned off is 400 mW on OnePlus 7 Pro. And also that the difference between pure white and total black screen is also 400 mW. This means that you can save around 2 times more even on AMOLED screens when turning screen off, compared to what black screen saves you. Read the article on XDA-Developers to see the science behind these calculations.

– Get Play Lock app to turn off screen and save battery for real: