Back Key Ends Call

End Call with Back Button of Android device. The fastest way to terminate call!

4 stars on Google Play

Back Key Ends CallGoogle Play4

The fastest way to terminate call on Android. Just press the Back button of the device when you want to end the call.


Unique app The app has just what I’ve always wanted to have – the ability to hang up easily. It starts in the background with a new call and is off when the call is ended, so it is really invisible for the caller.

Matt Smoley

Suprised me My phones a bit slow, so sometimes my end call button is slow and the other person has hung up already so I end up starting a new call instead. Not any more. It ends the call definitely, cleanly and even if you’ve navigated away from the call dialogue

Jeff Neubert

Finally calls can be ended by simply pressing the Back Key – without using a Custom Rom. Excellent investment for this 5 star App.

Jeffrey Shea

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