PocketLock for Pokemon GO and Ragnarok M

PocketLock for Ragnarok M

PocketLock is now Play Lock – get it from Play Store

With PocketLock you can save battery by turning Screen OFF while you wait for games, but this app got suspended by Google from the Play Store, so we built a better alternative called Play Lock and it has all the functionalities of PocketLock / PokeLock previously had.
Go to Play Store and install Play Lock!

Play Lock app is suitable for players of Pokemon GO, Ragnarok M, RPG or Augmented Reality games, video players.
The app turns screen Off when phone is put in pocket, but keeps Pokemon GO running and detecting pokemons, and Ragnarok M keeps farming / Auto ROM / AFK, save battery and level up fast.
Also you can listen to music with screen off in YouTube or other video apps – you can listen to your favorite playlist while phone’s screen is Off and safely locked in your pocket.